Julia Lezhneva is taking part in the opening of the X jubilee festival “Musical Kremlin”.

Julia Lezhneva is taking part in the opening of the X jubilee festival “Musical Kremlin”. She may be seen in the news at the “Culture” channel.
From  13 to 19 of April in the Armoury Chamber of the Moscow Kremlin the X jubilee festival “Musical Kremlin”  takes place with information support of “Uchitelskaya Gazeta”. The Festival is going to become the best anti-crisis remedy for  judges of music: despite of current financial troubles, People’s Artiste of the USSR, famous Nikolay Petrov is going to introduce the bes t examples of the Russian and foreign musical culture against the background of the Kremlin’s treasures. One peculiarity of the “Musical Kremlin” is that in one program it comprises both well-known performers and musical groups and young hopefuls, little-known to the wide audience. Among those who are to attract the attention of the audience are  Russian Academic Chamber Orchestra (the art director and conductor is Konstantin Orbelyan), Chamber Orchestra “Musica Viva” (the art director is Alexander Rudin, the conductor is Alexander Polishchuk), Chamber Orchestra “Hermitage” (the art director and conductor is Alexey Utkin), Israeli Tel- Aviv quarter, the French pianist Sipren Katsaris, the  violin player Dmitry Kogan, pianists Nikita Mndoyants and Alexander Gindin, and, certainly  Art Director of the Festival Nikolay Petrov. Participat ion in the Festival of the male choir “Drevnerusskiy Raspev” headed by Anatoliy Grindenko, which is going to perform quadragesimal chants of Old Rus of XVI – XVII centuries, deserves  special attention. And, as usual, the greatest show are going to become opening (soloists: the pianist Nikolay Petrov, the violin player Dmitry Kogan, soprano Julia Lezhneva) and closing (spectators are going to see the evening of Spanish music, performed by Nikolay Petrov and Alexander Gindin) concerts.
One may find the concert program of Julia Lezhneva and reviews in Internet:

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